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Personal Projects

I strongly believe in pursuing personal projects during part of one’s free time. Here are a few of mine: some of them are small, some are big; some of them suck, other suck less. Most of them were made using something which at the time scared me a fair a bit - after finishing it, not so much.

But all of them taught me something.


  • Cosflowy modern web & mobile application to plan, track & organise cosplay projects


  • Stoico minimalist android app to read stoic philosophy for people with short attention spans
  • ZenLock android app that makes you wait to use android apps. ...wait, what


  • Four Hour Shop database of all recommended products of tim ferris' podcast generated via web scraping
  • StepLock walk an x number of steps before being able to use your apps
  • Discover HaxeFlixel a book to learn the most popular haxe game development framework
  • Trackburnr web app to track and quantify data in github-styled heat maps


  • Day By Day build habits by not breaking the chain
  • No More addiction recovery support app


  • Polaritron polarity-based, fast-paced arcade game for masochistic people
  • Arsmatrix interactive 3d spectogram for google devart 2014
  • Micro Diary no-frills daily journal app


  • Pomicro minimalistic pomodoro timer for android
  • De Planeta procedural animation abouth birth, life and death of a little planet