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Personal Projects

I strongly believe in pursuing personal projects during part of one’s free time. Here are a few of mine. Some of them are small, some are big. Some of them suck, other suck less. Most of them were made using something which at the time scared me a fair a bit. After finishing it, not so much.

But all of them taught me something.


  • Stoico if you got a minute, why not read some stoic philosophy?


  • Four Hour Shop scraping all the recommended products of tim ferris' podcast
  • StepLock walk an x number of steps before being able to use your apps
  • Discover HaxeFlixel a book to learn the most popular haxe game development framework
  • Trackburnr web app to track and quantify data in github-styled heat maps (deprecated)


  • Day By Day build habits by not breaking the chain
  • No More addiction recovery support app


  • Polaritron polarity-based, fast-paced arcade game for masochistic people
  • Arsmatrix 3d spectogram for google devart 2014
  • Micro Diary no-frills daily journal app


  • Pomicro minimalistic pomodoro timer for android
  • De Planeta procedural animation abouth birth, life and death of a little planet