Lead Interactive Developer
Random42 Scientific Communication • 2019 → Now

Directing and training a team of developers, coordinating with producers and the science team to validate proposals and ensuring smooth releases across projects.
Leading development in the interactive department and enforcing standards; using using my broad programming knowledge to build robust, clean and modular codebases for production projects and application templates for other developers to expand upon.

Interactive / Pipeline Developer
Random42 Scientific Communication • 2016 → 2019

Developing interactive applications in Unity / C# with the occasional Node / Javascript / Three.JS / AFrame project, with a particular focus on Virtual and Augmented Reality, including development for the Microsoft Hololens, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift / Go & GearVR.
Developing and maintaining the production pipeline, creating tools which are now a core part of Random42’s technical infrastructure and constantly striving to improve production workflow.

Pipeline Developer
Squint / Opera • 2015 → 2016

Developing and maintaining the production pipeline, liaising between different departments, providing solutions to technical problems and increasing the overall efficiency of the studio.

3D Generalist
Random42 Scientific Communication • 2013 → 2015

Generalist 3D Work with 3DS Max and Fusion. Development of in-house tools, research and development with Maxscript, Python & Batch. Creative interactive production with Processing & Touch Designer.


  • Web Development Interactive, responsive rich media web applications using HTML5 & modern JS, 3D content with Three.js, bundling with Webpack / Parcel / Vite, cross-platform deployment via Cordova & Electron.

  • Unity & C# Cross-platform rich media interactive experiences, large touchscreens installations, basic shader development, designing and developing modular and reusable architectures, VR & AR applications with Vuforia & ARFoundation.

  • React Internal dashboards & utilities, projects management & time tracking platforms, personal projects ranging from small single-page tools to full-stack SaaS applications.

  • Python Internal pipeline tools integrating with Git, Google Cloud, Thinkbox Deadline. Open-source scripts, experiments and web scraping utilities.


BA (Hons) Computer Visualization & Animation
Bournemouth University • 2010 → 2013

Graduated with Distinction, Award 1st. Among notable extracurricular activities: president of Drawing society, school & student representative, student Ambassador, "Make a Difference" & welcome crew Volunteer


  • YCombinator's Startup School 2018 Accepted Participant
  • Autodesk CG Student Awards 2014 Winner
  • Best Simulations Awards BFX 2013
  • Skillset Animation and VFX Showcase 2013 Selection
  • Bournemouth University Student Development Award

About me

I like to focus on the technical side of projects, finding elegant ways to architect applications, building modular and reusable components, automate redundant tasks and figure out how to make things better and faster.

Minimalist at heart, more is not always better. Man of arts inside, former member of acting classes, theatre companies, dance courses. Extrovert and sociable, great team member. Blunt by British standards, but hey - it gets things done. Fitness junkie and health enthusiast, yet lover of good food, and of course good company.

Moved from Italy to the UK after high school to study Computer Visualization & Animation at Bournemouth University, home of the National Centre for Computer Animation in UK, and loved every minute of it (even during the long nights). Currently working in London.

Think we should chat? ✉ me at impeto.blu(at)gmail(dot)com

I strongly believe in pursuing personal projects during part of one’s free time. Here are a few of mine.

Some of them are small, some are big.
Some of them suck, other suck just a tiny bit less.
Most of them were made using something which at the time scared me a fair a bit - after finishing it, not so much.

But all of them taught me something.

Project Tech Info
Cosflowy js react meteor.js Web application to help you plan, track & organise cosplay projects
Stoico android Android app to read classic stoic philosophy text in a bite-sized format
StepLock android Android app which locks apps usage behind a certain number of steps taken
Polaritron haxe Fast-paced arcade game, love child of Super hexagon and Ikaruga
Discover Haxeflixel haxe paper Book about HaxeFlixel, a 2D game development library for the Haxe toolkit which doesn't get enough love
DayByDay android "Don't break the chain" habit building Android app.
De Planeta houdini A 3D animation about the birth, life and death of a familiar little planet

For more open-source tools and experiments, check out my github

De Planeta (latin for about a planet) is a short and stylised procedural animation that revolves around birth, life and death of a familiar little planet, showing all the colorful wonders it has to offer by following it through the ages with a fast-paced and engaging rhythm, culminating into the triumph of modernity over nature, with all the consequences that may follow upon it...

De Planeta was my final year Major Project at the Undergraduate Computer Visualization and Animation course at the NCCA. A single soul’s opera magna created entirely in Houdini, with compositing in Nuke.
Curious about how De Planeta was made? Download the Project Report, a 45-pages “making of” document that outlines the development process.
Screened at

  • BFI Future Film Festival 2014
  • Animated Exeter 2014
  • Monstra Festival 2014
  • SUPERTOON Festival 2014
  • Stuttgart ITFS 2014
  • Toronto Animation Arts Festival International 2014

Featured ii

  • SideFX Houdini Student Showreel 2013
  • 3D Artist magazine
  • 3D World
  • Animation World Network

Hey, I'm Leon, a nerd developer working in the 3D animation industry.

I like to focus on the technical side of projects, finding elegant ways to architect applications, building modular and reusable components, automate redundant tasks and figure out how to make things better and faster.

You’ll usually find me working on a personal projects or some experiment on the side - I might not know the meaning of life, but I'm pretty sure that creating ranks higher than consuming on the cosmic scoreboard.



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