De Planeta
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De Planeta
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A story about the birth, life and death of a little planet.
De Planeta (latin for about a planet) is a short and stylised procedural animation that revolves around birth, life and death of a little planet, showing all the colorful wonders it has to offer by following it through the ages with a fast-paced and engaging rhythm, culminating into the triumph of modernity over nature, with all the consequences that may follow upon it…
De Planeta was my final year Major Project at the Undergraduate Computer Visualization and Animation course at the NCCA. A single soul’s opera magna created entirely in Houdini, with compositing in Nuke.
Curious about how De Planeta was made? Download the Project Report, a 45-pages “making of” document that outlines the development process.
Screened at…
BFI Future Film Festival 2014
Animated Exeter 2014
Monstra Festival 2014
SUPERTOON Festival 2014
Stuttgart ITFS 2014
Toronto Animation Arts Festival International 2014
Featured in…
3D Artist
3D World
Animation World Network