Lead Interactive Developer
On top of my developer's responsibilities, leading and training a team of Unity Developers, coordinating with producers and the science team to direct proposals and ensuring smooth releases across projects.
Leading development in the interactive department and enforcing standards; using using my broad programming knowledge to build robust, clean and modular codebases for production projects and application templates for other developers to expand upon.
Interactive Developer, Pipeline Developer
Researching & developing interactive applications in Unity / C# with the occasional Node / Javascript / Three.JS / AFrame project, with a particular focus on Virtual and Augmented Reality, including development for the Microsoft Hololens, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift / Go & GearVR.
Developing and maintaining the production pipeline, creating tools which are now a core part of Random42’s technical infrastructure and constantly striving to improve production workflow.
Pipeline Developer
Squint / Opera • 2015 → 2016
Developing and maintaining the production pipeline, liaising between different departments, providing solutions to technical problems and increasing the overall efficiency of the studio.
3D Artist
Random42 Medical Animation • 2013 → 2015
Generalist 3D Work with 3DS Max and Fusion. Development of in-house tools, research and development with Maxscript, Python & Batch. Creative interactive production with Processing & Touch Designer.
BA (Hons) Computer Visualization & Animation
Bournemouth University • 2010 → 2013
Graduated with Distinction, Award 1st
Notable Activities
President of Drawing Society
School Representative
Student Ambassador
Student Representative
“Make a Difference” & Welcome Crew Volunteer
YCombinator's Startup School 2018 Accepted Participant
My startup was selected and joined the advisor track as part of a group with 24 other promising startups.
Autodesk CG Student Awards 2014 Winner
Commended as Student of the Year in the VFX / Animation Category
Best Simulations Awards BFX 2013
Competitor at BFX 2013 and winner of “Best Simulations” award for Houdini VFX work.
Skillset Animation and VFX Showcase 2013 Selection
Representing BU for the Skillset annual event as one of the UK’s most talented graduates.
BU Student Development Award
Award for personal excellence in participation and involvement in extra-curricular activities.
About me
I like to focus on the technical side of projects, finding elegant ways to architect applications, automate redundant tasks and figure out how to make things better and faster. You’ll always find me working on a personal projects or some experiment on the side - I might not know the meaning of life, but I'm pretty sure that on the scoreboard creating ranks higher than consuming. If you are spending more than 15 minutes doing something multiple times a day, we can (and should) automate it. Minimalist at heart, more is not always better. Man of arts inside, former member of acting classes, theatre companies, dance courses. Extrovert and sociable, great team member. Blunt by British standards, but hey - it gets things done. Fitness junkie and health enthusiast, yet lover of good food when in good company. Moved from Italy to the UK after high school to study Computer Visualization & Animation at Bournemouth University, home of the National Centre for Computer Animation in UK, and loved every minute of it (even on the long nights). Currently working in London.
Contact me
Considering today's standards in attention spans, making it to the bottom of the page is quite the achievement. Give yourself a pat on the back, and feel free to shoot me a mail if you think we should chat.
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